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"Why I Love PBS" Reasons #421 and 422: This Old House and Ask This Old House

Many of you who know me know I want a chain saw. Bad. And I have wanted a chain saw for quite a number of years. I know that there is some discussion that this is because I am into serial killers, which I will point out my degree in psychology and vast collection of true crime books take care of that. No, the reason I want a chain saw is because of the influence of these five men.

This Old House

They are also the reason I want a table saw. And they are one of the reasons I can do nearly any home improvement project.

And can be directly blamed for conversations such as this one:

While fixing the boat trailer:

Me: Where is my drill? 

Dad: Over here. I used it.

Me: What have I said about touching my stuff? Stop touching my stuff!

Dad: It’s not yours. It is my drill.

Me: Not if I kill you and inherit it, it isn’t.

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